The OTHER half of my life!

So a couple years ago my husband met his best friend. His BROFRIEND. Instantly the two became inseparable. Spending hours together. Texting each-other NONSTOP! And this Brofriend introduced my Hubby to Drifting. And this. This has taken OVER. OUR. LIVES. But in a good way. And now, the ball is rolling. And things are happening. And our lives are CHANGING!

The guys recently started working on marketing themselves and their brand as well as their cars! They have now launched their Website & are prepping for the upcoming Drift season!

So if you’re in the Drift world or have interest in it, check out their site and let us know what you think! This is a HUGE step for all of us and I’m so excited to be a part of the family and now the DRIFT WORLD!!!!

Let’s get real REAL for a minute

Alright guys. I’m about to be super vulnerable and super open here. Stepping WAY WAY WAY out of my comfort zone and getting real raw with you.

For about the last 3.5 years now I’ve been a plucker. If you don’t know what that is, it’s when you constantly pick and pluck something. Sometimes it’s the hair on your head, or your arm hair. Or, for myself, my eyelashes. I would sit and pull them and pluck them out ALL DAY. I did it with my makeup on and without my makeup. It was usually worse when I was stressed and I would pull on one side and then the other. But had to always go back and pull if I pulled too many on one side or too little. It’s been hard to live with. I would stop myself for a little while but never could stick with it. I even went to counseling for a while for it but still found myself doing it.

Now this is where I’m most uncomfortable in sharing. I also did that to my boys. And that broke my heart. But it was like I couldn’t control myself. I would see one imperfection and just try to get it and end up going overboard. The boys hated me. They would cry when I would look at them. They would yell and scream at me. But I couldn’t just STOP!

I tried eyelash extensions. Which I LOVED and it helped give me some confidence. But I couldn’t keep up on the maintenance with two young kids and I couldn’t help but pull on them when they would start to fall out. I was a mess. It killed any chance of happiness I had within myself. As silly as that sounds. I would see others with beautiful long full lashes and get so angry that I ruined my own that I would just pull again. It’s a viscous cycle that I just couldn’t brake.

I even have been on meds to try and control the anxiety I was feeling. And while yes it’s worked, it doesn’t last all day long and by night time I’m a mess. I would try so hard not to do it. I even started finally taking my makeup off at night so I would have clean lashes and those are harder to pull. And yes it worked, but then I would just go to my boys. And I couldn’t take it anymore.

I’ve been able to stop messing with my boys for a while now 🙌🏼 and thankfully have stopped messing with mine a fair amount. But the damage was done.

That is until I started looking for ways to boost my growth. To make my eyelashes stronger and fuller and longer. And when I started the research, I found so many products out there that in theory sounded amazing. But in reality, they caused a lot of side effects I wasn’t willing to live with. Then I remembered seeing one of my uplines talk about the growth serum they made using their essential oils. I won’t lie, it took a lot for me to buy into it and believe it could work. But I had been using lavender on my eyebrows for a while and noticed a huge change so I figured, let’s give it a shot! I finally purchased all I needed and just went for it! Applied twice a day and this is 2 weeks later!

No they aren’t super long or full yet. But I have lashes in spots I hadn’t had for months! They are stronger. They hold my mascara better. And honestly have given me a lot more confidence in them! I will say it’s working! And I will SEE even more results in another 2 weeks. And another. And another.

This has been hard to accept for a long time. But I also know there are others who deal with this. Silently. Like I did for a long time! But you don’t have to anymore and you CAN get those luscious beautiful lashes back the RIGHT WAY!!!!

This seems to happen a lot!

I’m not sure how this happens, but I always get sidetracked and forgot about this fun little blog and then life goes by and suddenly I have SO. MUCH. GOING. ON.

So let’s backtrack a little! Be prepared for lots of pictures!!!

My big guy started Pre-K! It’s been amazing! He goes three days a week and hasn’t had any troubles transitioning back into it! In fact, he LOVES going! He is coming home singing new songs all the time and brings home awesome artwork daily! I am so beyond proud of him!!!

We’ve enjoyed the Fair twice already! The first trip was with our cousins and we ran into my baby siblings! That was a fun surprise. Especially since I feel like I NEVER see them anymore. Darn them teens/early 20s that are having a great time being young 😜

But in all seriousness, we’ve had an amazing time having my older brother home from college and are enjoying having my little sister around when we get to see her.

Brayden’s dream of going to another rodeo also came true! We were gifted tickets to the Rodeo at the Fair and were able to sit super close and really enjoy ourselves! Plus my boys got to have some killer boots and rock them at the rodeo!

Oh my favorite part. I started a teeth whitening challenge within my Young Living team and so far it’s been going amazing! I love the toothpaste and how my teeth and gums feel! I’ll be honest, I’m not really great at keeping up with brushing and flossing. A once a day kinda girl. But this has had me brushing twice daily and I’m actually getting HOOKED!

Also…I won myself some Florida Georgia Line tickets and am STOKED! I’ve been trying to get tickets to so many concerts lately and have had NO LUCK! But I finally won and to a concert I’ve been DYING to see!!!!

Our chickens have started laying! Just small eggs and not very often but hey, it counts! We did have one die though. Was definitely attacked by an animal and that bummed us out, but we’ve gotten through it. And I’m sure we will have more soon enough 🤣

Happy Birthday Guys

I can’t believe I forgot to talk about 2 of my guys birthdays!

These handsome guys both celebrated their birthdays Tuesday! My handsome Hubby & our youngest Logan! Their will forever share such a special day together & have an amazing bond!

Oh and can we talk about my kids “attiTWOde” ???? I pray this doesn’t last forever!

Chaos + Oils 101


I am hosting my FIRST EVER Facebook Oils 101 Class! Come hang out & learn all about Essential Oils & the basics to getting started!

If you want to join, Head on over to this link Here & Join!!!!


#oola challenge

So how many of you have heard of Oola? Well if you haven’t, here is a quick rundown of what it is.

After looking into this more, I took the FREE Oola Wheel Test to determine what in my life really needed more focus. I came up with really needing to focus on my finances and Faith. And I decided to join the 21 Day #oolachallenge

Today’s challenge was the first of the 21 days. And the challenge was to do something little to change someone’s day. Be that a smile to a stranger, buying a coffee for the person behind me. Sending someone flowers just because. Just a little act of kindness that is really selfless and can change the dynamic of someone’s day in an instant. So that’s just what I did.

I didn’t buy anything for anyone. I didn’t spend a penny more than my normal to do this. Instead, I felt in my heart that what I needed to do was just be kind. So in every situation I was in today, I was kind. No matter what was taking place. I smiled politely at the driver next to me at the stoplight who wouldn’t stop staring at me. I didn’t get angry at the drive through window when they were taking too long to fulfill my order. And I got a smaller drink at the coffee shop to allow more of a tip to the barista who helped me.

Maybe these things don’t seem like much to you and maybe they aren’t to others. But to me, they show me that I HAVE THE ABILITY TO BE THE CHANGE! I HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO MAKE THE DAY THE BEST DAY IT CAN BE.

I’m in no way posting this to toot my own horn and ask for a pat on the back. But to show you that no matter what is going on your life, you CAN change things. You CAN make them better!

So I’ll leave you with this. Go take the Oola Wheel test. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and see what you need to really focus on! And go with it! Take this challenge WITH ME!!!

Hump Day

So how has your Wednesday been??? Mine has been very….busy!!! I was up fairly early because my nephews slept over and 4 young boys don’t seem to sleep in when you want them too…oh well 💁🏼

So up and coffee in hand, I remembered a few of my To-Dos I have been trying to get done and just haven’t found the time. I jumped in the shower and got myself ready for the day. Made a LIVE video about the Thieves Cleaner (go check that out Here) and using it in my nasty car!

Got to work on my “Day Job” tasks and then made some lunch. BTW, why are grilled cheese sandwiches SOOOOOO good?!?! Once that was done it was naptime for the babester and for Momma to really get down to business!!!!

I had 10 samples to make up and send out to some amazing people looking to change their lives for the better! Some looking for natural sleep aides, some a mood booster & others just some pain relief.

All have one thing in common, they want to BECOME BELIEVERS!!!!!!! And that’s where I come in!!!!

Sound like you? Well it was definitely ME when I first stared this journey. And now I’m getting to live it and am enjoying EVERY. SINGLE. SECOND. of it!!!!!!!

So if you’re still on the fence, let me help get you onto my side! Send me an email,, message me on Facebook or shoot me a text at 253.905.7822 and lets get you started! If you’re already interested in purchasing your starter kit, just head on over to My Young Living page and get your kit ordered!!!!!

Love you all!!!

Back to School

It’s here. That time of the year when parents rejoice and pop open a bottle of bubbly at 8:00am as they send those beautiful tiny souls off onto the big yellow life saver. When teachers start becoming alcoholics and wonder what they were thinking.

Just kidding….I have no idea what this life is like because my kiddos are still babies. HOWEVER I do know ALL about those fun back to school colds & bugs that any child that is breathing seems to catch just by looking at another child in a mile radius. But guess what….I CAN HELP YOU BEAT THOSE BACK TO SCHOOL BUGS & BLUES!!!!

See YLEO has given us the EASIEST way to naturally kick the Fall Bugs and avoid harsh chemicals. Plus some great ways to help kiddos and parents prepare for the school days ahead.

Diffusing Oils is one of the best ways to really help your family stay happy, calm & healthy naturally. Check out the image about to see the many reasons why you should diffuse your EOs!

And since we’re discussing Oils and Kids, it’s important to know HOW and the SAFE way to use oils with kiddos.

EOs are really a WAY OF LIFE. Not just a Fad or something to use occasionally. You can CHANGE the way of living for you and your family. You can better your lifestyle simply by switching out harsh chemicals for 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils!!!

So…..WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR????? Make the change now! I can & WILL help with that! Visit me on Facebook or visit My Young Living to find out more!!!

That Oily Life

Some of you know that I have recently really dived into the world of Essential Oils. There are many reasons behind this, but the main was for a better life for my kids. I was tired of drugging them up with things I couldn’t pronounce and only for it to wear off and their symptoms to return. I was also frustrated with them not sleeping well and being cranky and not really having anything to help them.
I had tried using EOs about 2 years ago but lazy pregnancy life took over and I gave up quicker than I had started.
Fast forward to now and I was seeing so many of my friends having such great success with Young Living EOs and really transforming their lives to a better healthier version. I found my oils and decided to dive in head first! And let me tell you what…it has not been a decision I could ever regret!

I made myself an itch relief cream and let me tell you…it’s BEYOND amazing! 

My boys are getting lavender in the evenings as a bedtime routine and are sleeping longer and better than ever. Not to mention they aren’t fighting me to go to bed. If anything, they are WAITING for their oils! And Brayden can’t wait to get his own! I’m finding all sorts of uses for oils I never even thought of before. For sleep, health, cleaning. Even for the animals. It’s changing our lives one day at a time & I truly couldn’t be happier with choosing to jump on board with my friend Corianne & the amazing team she has helped to build!

The boys and I tried our hands at some of our own rollers today & made a sleepy time one for them at bedtime and a happy blend to use when life is getting a little cranky. And they love them! I put pictures on them rather than words so they can really identify with which roller they need. It’s so fun seeing Logan sit down and lift his feet up waiting. In fact, last night Ryan and I had gone out for a friends birthday and I sent my mom a text asking her to make sure she got their lavender on them. She replied back with “Boys have had a bath, pajamas, oils & are in their own beds” That right there made my Momma heart so happy and really made me see how amazing these oils are. They are like magic. And then when she told me that it only took the boys aboufirst 15minutes to go to sleep and they were out before 9pm 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 That NEVER happens! So needless to say, she’s a believe too!

I promise I won’t overwhelm you with Oil posts, but I will post about our successes and uses. Because who wouldn’t want to read those things?!

*If you would like to purchase a Premium Starter Kit, click Here. The PSK is truly the best thing ever for someone just getting started. If you’d like to chat more, find me on Facebook and shoot me a message!


My gosh it’s been a long time. I said I wasn’t going to let that happen. Yet here I am, letting it happen. Sorry y’all. I’m human. What can I say?! 

Well it’s been a crazy busy couple of months. The Fullers started a small farm. We are the proud owners of 7 chickens! 5 are Silkies and the other 2 are Rainbow Dixies. So far we have 1 rooster for sure. That’s Rainbow. He is named because we had lost one Silkies and when we went to replace that baby, this chick instantly came to my oldest son. So we went with the Rainbow Baby theme. The other RD is Dixie. Our silkies don’t yet have names, but will soon. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you’ve seen me talk about them a LOT! 

We’ve also started enjoying a LOT of outdoor time. Now that the weather in Washington has finally decided to perk up, we’ve been taking full advantage of it. The boys have been riding the 4-Wheelers (battery operated ones. Don’t go calling the PoPo on me) like crazy! And playing in the sprinkler, on the trampoline (yes they are surrounded by a safety net. Relax people) and just running wild. I’ve been working on my tan. Although it’s been more of a burn than anything but it will get there. 

My Husband took an opportunity to further is Drifting dream and went to help out a guy in Colorado. That took him to Vegas for a few days where he really got a taste of the Formula D world. 

I turned another year older. And that’s it. 

I’ve been super busy trying to get my Scentsy biz going. I have big goals and big dreams for our family this upcoming year & really am hoping to make them happen on my own! There’s so many beautiful new warmers and amazing smells why wouldn’t you want to buy from me or Host a party and earn some products for free???!!! 

Brayden has just 2 days left of school until next year and it’s just not ok with me yet. How is it possible my baby boy is almost 4 and finishing his first year of preschool?! And Logan is almost 2?! How does this happen? Why do kids have to grow up? I mean really someone should look into that. 

Oh the most exciting part, I bing watched Chicago Fire and can officially say I’m HOOKED! Like why did it take me so long to watch this show?! I’m considering a weekly recap of the show this fall. Would you be on board?! 

It’s been a busy couple of months but also nothing super exciting. Don’t you hate when that happens? Like where did the last couple of months go? But I don’t feel like anything took place?! So frustrating. Well I’ll leave you now with some words to live by… “Make Everyday Count”