Let’s try this again. 

Well I think this is probably my 5th time starting a blog. Yes, really. I suck at it. I get so pumped about it the first couple of weeks and the life comes about and just takes over. I mean really life, can you hold please?!

Anyway, hi! Welcome to my blog. I’m pretty crappy at my writing skills but hopefully that doesn’t scare you away. I don’t use big words and honestly I try to use the easiest words for me to spell. Or for spellcheck to spell. I hope you’ll enjoy my very real, very open, very honest blog. There won’t be beautiful recipes with pictures that should belong in magazines. Infact most of the images you’ll see will probably be taken from my iPhone 7+ and used with Instagram filters. And I can’t promise that my blog will actually have a continued theme. One day you may find yourself reading about my kids. Then next about my Scentsy business or my Online Boutique. Then maybe about how my husband has made me crazy yet again with his lack of ability to actually put the dirty dishes in the sink or clothes in the hamper. But what I can promise you is this. My blog is real. It’s not sugarcoated and it’s not perfect. It’s a way for me to share all the happy moments, sad moments, funny days & things that make my blood boil. It’s a place for me to be ME. And to look back on later in life to see how ridiculous my hairstyle was. Or what the heck was I thinking dressing my kids like that. It’s my life and my way of sharing every detail I can with you! So welcome & I hope you enjoy and come back for more!!!!


Oh & BTW…this is MY life.

Left to Right: Ryan, Brayden, myself (Ashley) & Logan
AKA ♥ The Fullers ♥

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