Road Trip

What did you do Saturday? Well I went on a mini road trip with my boys, sisters, nephews, brother in law, Dad & bonus Mom. We drove 3.5 hours to Monmouth, Oregon to watch my “little” brother play Lacrosse! It was a fun trip and a nice little getaway.

On our way, my little sister (16) decided to be in control of the radio. Ok, that’s fine as long as the music is appropriate for little kids ears. Well, much to my surprise we didn’t actually listen to music. Nope. Instead we listened to Podcasts about murders. Yes. MURDERS. We were sucked into the world of psychopaths and serial killers. Child abductions, police reports, forensics files. You name it. It was a history class over the radio. And it got me really thinking.

Why do we not hear more about these cases? How can they just go unsolved & cold? How do these parents live their lives not knowing what happened to their child or children? Why do people harm children? Innocent humans that haven’t lived long enough to know what they are going to lose? All of it scares me and hurts my heart deep.

I was driving home from this road trip while the boys were sound asleep in the backseat on a long dark foggy road. And I’m sure it was the sleep deprivation kicking in, but I swear I could see these criminals on the side of the road. I could see these innocent children standing their begging for someone to save them. I could see the mother searching the depths of the world for her lost son. Her heart breaking at every dead end. I could see the young friends of these little children scared and helpless trying to understand what happened to their friends. The fear in their eyes every time they left their home unsure of what may happen to them.

It has caused my curiosity to really take over. Making me want to help solve these mysteries. Help find these children. Help STOP these incidents from occurring. Keep my babies safe and secure.

So if you haven’t ever listened to podcasts about murder mysteries or true crimes, check out True Crime Garage. They dive into some of the most famous cases and really paint you a picture.

On a side note, the LAX game went amazing. My brother got an assist and was a captain! It was so fun getting to see him play again.

My boys watching with their Gaga

My sister Heather and I!

With our “little” brother after the win!

My boys, sister & i!


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