The Hallmark Holiday 

Traditionally Valentines Day is known as a Hallmark Holiday. A way for the stores and retailers to make money. For chocolate vendors to sell more candy than at Halloween. For Restaurants to jack up their prices to willing patrons. For Flower Shops to meet their quota for the year. We all know this. Yet so many still fall for it every year.

And this year, were those people.

We don’t usually do anything crazy for Valentines Day. Usually it’s just another day. Maybe a little nicer meal at home with a bottle of wine or some beers. Maybe we splurge and buy some ice cream or pie at the store. Or maybe we go a little overboard with the “I love you’s” for the day. But this year, this year we went for it.

We’ve had a slightly rough past year. From PTSD making its nasty appearance known, to finances drowning us, to having a home we had built a foundation in being ripped out from under us. We have been through Hell and back. And we’re still able to stand together and fight the battles. But we haven’t had the greatest of relationship through it all. We’ve fought. A lot. In front of our family. Our kids. Something we swore we wouldn’t do. We’ve had to swallow our pride and pretend to be happy and okay for the sake of our kids. But here we are.

Tonight my husband took me to Seattle to Novilhos, a Brazilian Steakhouse. And OH. EM. GEE. It was amazing. It was an actual dining experience. Not just a dinner date. We got to dress up. Leave the diaper bag in the car, not juggle crayons being put in mouths or waters spilling on the table. Or fries being thrown on the floor. Nope. We were adults. We were husband and wife. Not mom and dad. We ate foods we couldn’t pronounce and drank beers from beer pilsners. We stared out giant bay windows into the beautiful open waters of Lake Union.

We completely fell into all that is the Hallmark Holiday. And it was great.

As parents it’s easy to forgo the fancy dinner dates and the romantic interactions. But it’s so important to reconnect once in a while. To remember why you are with that person. What made you decide to be with that person. Wether you’re married or in a committed relationship, you should never stop dating them. You should never allow life to take over and pull you apart from one another. And that is why we took tonight to just be us. Do we love our boys any less? Heavens no. If anything, we love them more. We love their sweet innocent smiles and their youthful laughs. We love their warm hugs and drolly kisses. But we also know that it was because of our love for one another that these boys are here and that for them to see a happily ever after, we must continue to date each other. To show them that true love does exist. Despite the fights and heartaches, you can live a lifetime with the one you love.

So I say to you today, take time to date the one you love. To show them daily if you can, what they mean to you. To make those cheesy Hallmark holidays a little extra special. To smother them in kisses and I love yous.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


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