Today has been a day for the birds.
First. I woke up late. Forgot to set my alarm so thankfully my 1.5 year old decided he needed to pull my hair again for the 2,856,145th time in the night and it was enough for me to get annoyed and get up and see what time it was. And of course, it’s a solid 30 minutes later than I had wanted to be up. So I rushed to get myself ready. Then the youngest decides he needs momma, can’t find me so of course he starts crying. And then wakes up the 3.5 year old. Hello crying children. Thankfully my mom was able to occupy them while I skipped out on my shower, attempted to recover my frazzled hair and put some fresh makeup on.

Out the door on time! I’m backing up and CRUNCH! Yes. In my new car. I got out and checked and thankfully it didn’t look like any damage had been done, but the tree stump was done for. Straight slaughtered really. But of well. Off we go.

All is going good. Hit some traffic but not to bad. We’re still on time. Even had time to stop for a coffee and scone before dropping B off at school. He has a minor melt down but the crisis was averted rather quickly. I’m able to escape and get some work done earlier in the day than I had thought. Sweet! Maybe I’ll be able to get off work early and hang out at home before everyone else gets home.


After picking up B from school and then dropping him off for a sleepover with his cousins, I stopped and grabbed some lunch for my Mom and I. Go to work & wouldn’t ya know it’s very difficult carrying a 21lb child, a diaper bag, paper sack from Taco Bell and 2 boxed Taco Salads? Yep you guessed it. One of said salads fell right out of my hand and onto its top. Luckily it didn’t come out of the box but still.

So here I am all excited that even with these 2 mishaps, I’m still ahead of schedule for the day and looking like Lo and I will be able to go home early. Again, wrong.

We’re just finishing up rearranging some tables for tomorrow’s Pancake breakfast when one of the tables I’m moving completely collapsed and dumped everything onto the floor. But, luckily nothing broke or made to big of a mess. I could have swore it was Friday the 13th. But I guess with all my accidents for today, they all ended well.

Now I’m at home with a sleeping child, a quiet peaceful house & throbbing feet ready to wash my hair and do nothing. Please pray for me that this can actually happen. I am in desperate need of a peaceful evening to this very eventful day!

Oh one more thing. I got my nails done yesterday after they were mutilated by a nail polish brush when I tried to “fix” them. Let’s just say I am very thankful for nail salons and nail techs! 


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