Rest in Paradise Buddy Charles 

I don’t even know how to write these words. Death sucks. No matter what people say, it sucks. You lose loved ones and it’s like a piece of your heart being ripped out of your chest and stomped on. Sure time goes on and you move forward, but that piece is always gone. 

And it doesn’t matter if that loved one has two legs or four, you still can’t avoid the hurt when you say goodbye.

Today we are saying goodbye to our family dog. Buddy Charles. My dad got him for my bonus moms birthday some 13 or so years ago. He is one of the BEST dogs I’ve ever known. A kind and gentle soul. A beautiful Golden Retriever with a heart as gold as his fur. 

As time went on he got older and stairs were no longer his friend. It came time for him to find a new home. But not just any home. He moved in with our Grandparents and it was the perfect match. He went everywhere with them. And I do mean everywhere. Trips to the grocery store, drives to the mountain. Doctors appointments. All of it. He never left their side. And they loved him. Oh do they love him. 

But he has battled some sickness and pain and his body has said it’s done fighting. Even with all of that, he still has that smile on his face and his tail wags when you pet him. And even though he is now blind and deaf, he knows his family and knows when they are around him. But it’s his time. And we know this is the best for him. He is in so much pain and suffering and it’s just not fair for him to live that way anymore. 

So we will say our goodbyes and we will pray for peace and comfort as he leaves this world and journeys on to the next Chapter that’s waiting. And as strong as I can sound in these words, my heart is breaking into pieces knowing he won’t be greeting us at the door anymore when we come over to Grandmas. He will be with our Papa in Heaven and that’s what will get us through. 

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