My very own “Doogie Houser MD” 

So yesterday I somehow managed to get a nice sized sliver in my butt cheek. I thought I had pulled it out but noticed today it was pretty painful. So I asked my husband to help me out. I laid down on the bed and he went to work. A few minutes later My three year old comes in with a pair of tweezers he got out of my moms bathroom (we live with her currently) and tells my husband he has to help. By this time my husband was done, but we played along and let my little help out. He looks at me and says, “it’s ok momma. It’s ok.” While rubbing my arm. Then he manages to jab me with the tweezers and says “Got it! You’re all better Momma. But there’s some bleeding so ill need to get you a bandaid”. 
You guys. I AM doing something right! Maybe he will be a gentle kind sole like we’ve been hoping. And maybe his attitude really is just that of a three year old. 

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