Thank You!!!!

My first Vendor Show was a SUCCESS!!!! I didn’t have nearly as much inventory with me as I had wanted, but it wasn’t a downfall! I lugged the cricut and my computer and iron and all my vinyls with me, and made orders while people shopped!!!!

And it’s like a high you want more of! I’m itching for more to do. For eachone to be better than the last. For each event to double my makings from the last one. For each event meet more people than before. And eventually, have my own STORE!!! Yes, that’s my long term goal!

So, those of you who do own your own stores, how did you get there? Where did you start? I want a cute little boutique that sells not just what I’ve made, but other Boutique like items. Rustic furniture, shabby chic decor, and eventually cute, fashionable, afforadable clothing! Does anyone have some advice for me? Some tips? Some help? I’d be so appreciative of any of it!

Anyway, the show was great. And I made some new friends. Meet some other awesome vendors that I’m hoping to work with later on. I can’t say I made a ton of money, but it wasn’t about that. It was the experience and putting myself in a very uncomfortable position and making it work. It was facing my fears head on and with a vengeance.

I’m one of those very socially awkward kinds of people. With a constant RBF because I sit and watch people. And I get chatty when I’m really uncomfortable. I don’t really know how to make small talk, I just talk. And when it comes to selling things I’ve made, I don’t know how. I fear being rejected or someone noticing a product isn’t “perfect”. But yesterday I put my big girl panties on and went for it. And I’m so proud of myself. I’m relieved that it’s over, but ready for the next one!

Unfortunately I spaced out on taking pictures. I was also pretty busy and just didn’t have the time. But I suppose that’s a good thing!

I’m working on getting things a little more professional and soon plan to have a shop right here on the blog for people to purchase & pay instantly! Please stay tuned!!!

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