My gosh it’s been a long time. I said I wasn’t going to let that happen. Yet here I am, letting it happen. Sorry y’all. I’m human. What can I say?! 

Well it’s been a crazy busy couple of months. The Fullers started a small farm. We are the proud owners of 7 chickens! 5 are Silkies and the other 2 are Rainbow Dixies. So far we have 1 rooster for sure. That’s Rainbow. He is named because we had lost one Silkies and when we went to replace that baby, this chick instantly came to my oldest son. So we went with the Rainbow Baby theme. The other RD is Dixie. Our silkies don’t yet have names, but will soon. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you’ve seen me talk about them a LOT! 

We’ve also started enjoying a LOT of outdoor time. Now that the weather in Washington has finally decided to perk up, we’ve been taking full advantage of it. The boys have been riding the 4-Wheelers (battery operated ones. Don’t go calling the PoPo on me) like crazy! And playing in the sprinkler, on the trampoline (yes they are surrounded by a safety net. Relax people) and just running wild. I’ve been working on my tan. Although it’s been more of a burn than anything but it will get there. 

My Husband took an opportunity to further is Drifting dream and went to help out a guy in Colorado. That took him to Vegas for a few days where he really got a taste of the Formula D world. 

I turned another year older. And that’s it. 

I’ve been super busy trying to get my Scentsy biz going. I have big goals and big dreams for our family this upcoming year & really am hoping to make them happen on my own! There’s so many beautiful new warmers and amazing smells why wouldn’t you want to buy from me or Host a party and earn some products for free???!!! 

Brayden has just 2 days left of school until next year and it’s just not ok with me yet. How is it possible my baby boy is almost 4 and finishing his first year of preschool?! And Logan is almost 2?! How does this happen? Why do kids have to grow up? I mean really someone should look into that. 

Oh the most exciting part, I bing watched Chicago Fire and can officially say I’m HOOKED! Like why did it take me so long to watch this show?! I’m considering a weekly recap of the show this fall. Would you be on board?! 

It’s been a busy couple of months but also nothing super exciting. Don’t you hate when that happens? Like where did the last couple of months go? But I don’t feel like anything took place?! So frustrating. Well I’ll leave you now with some words to live by… “Make Everyday Count” 

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