That Oily Life

Some of you know that I have recently really dived into the world of Essential Oils. There are many reasons behind this, but the main was for a better life for my kids. I was tired of drugging them up with things I couldn’t pronounce and only for it to wear off and their symptoms to return. I was also frustrated with them not sleeping well and being cranky and not really having anything to help them.
I had tried using EOs about 2 years ago but lazy pregnancy life took over and I gave up quicker than I had started.
Fast forward to now and I was seeing so many of my friends having such great success with Young Living EOs and really transforming their lives to a better healthier version. I found my oils and decided to dive in head first! And let me tell you what…it has not been a decision I could ever regret!

I made myself an itch relief cream and let me tell you…it’s BEYOND amazing! 

My boys are getting lavender in the evenings as a bedtime routine and are sleeping longer and better than ever. Not to mention they aren’t fighting me to go to bed. If anything, they are WAITING for their oils! And Brayden can’t wait to get his own! I’m finding all sorts of uses for oils I never even thought of before. For sleep, health, cleaning. Even for the animals. It’s changing our lives one day at a time & I truly couldn’t be happier with choosing to jump on board with my friend Corianne & the amazing team she has helped to build!

The boys and I tried our hands at some of our own rollers today & made a sleepy time one for them at bedtime and a happy blend to use when life is getting a little cranky. And they love them! I put pictures on them rather than words so they can really identify with which roller they need. It’s so fun seeing Logan sit down and lift his feet up waiting. In fact, last night Ryan and I had gone out for a friends birthday and I sent my mom a text asking her to make sure she got their lavender on them. She replied back with “Boys have had a bath, pajamas, oils & are in their own beds” That right there made my Momma heart so happy and really made me see how amazing these oils are. They are like magic. And then when she told me that it only took the boys aboufirst 15minutes to go to sleep and they were out before 9pm 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 That NEVER happens! So needless to say, she’s a believe too!

I promise I won’t overwhelm you with Oil posts, but I will post about our successes and uses. Because who wouldn’t want to read those things?!

*If you would like to purchase a Premium Starter Kit, click Here. The PSK is truly the best thing ever for someone just getting started. If you’d like to chat more, find me on Facebook and shoot me a message!

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