Back to School

It’s here. That time of the year when parents rejoice and pop open a bottle of bubbly at 8:00am as they send those beautiful tiny souls off onto the big yellow life saver. When teachers start becoming alcoholics and wonder what they were thinking.

Just kidding….I have no idea what this life is like because my kiddos are still babies. HOWEVER I do know ALL about those fun back to school colds & bugs that any child that is breathing seems to catch just by looking at another child in a mile radius. But guess what….I CAN HELP YOU BEAT THOSE BACK TO SCHOOL BUGS & BLUES!!!!

See YLEO has given us the EASIEST way to naturally kick the Fall Bugs and avoid harsh chemicals. Plus some great ways to help kiddos and parents prepare for the school days ahead.

Diffusing Oils is one of the best ways to really help your family stay happy, calm & healthy naturally. Check out the image about to see the many reasons why you should diffuse your EOs!

And since we’re discussing Oils and Kids, it’s important to know HOW and the SAFE way to use oils with kiddos.

EOs are really a WAY OF LIFE. Not just a Fad or something to use occasionally. You can CHANGE the way of living for you and your family. You can better your lifestyle simply by switching out harsh chemicals for 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils!!!

So…..WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR????? Make the change now! I can & WILL help with that! Visit me on Facebook or visit My Young Living to find out more!!!

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