Hump Day

So how has your Wednesday been??? Mine has been very….busy!!! I was up fairly early because my nephews slept over and 4 young boys don’t seem to sleep in when you want them too…oh well 💁🏼

So up and coffee in hand, I remembered a few of my To-Dos I have been trying to get done and just haven’t found the time. I jumped in the shower and got myself ready for the day. Made a LIVE video about the Thieves Cleaner (go check that out Here) and using it in my nasty car!

Got to work on my “Day Job” tasks and then made some lunch. BTW, why are grilled cheese sandwiches SOOOOOO good?!?! Once that was done it was naptime for the babester and for Momma to really get down to business!!!!

I had 10 samples to make up and send out to some amazing people looking to change their lives for the better! Some looking for natural sleep aides, some a mood booster & others just some pain relief.

All have one thing in common, they want to BECOME BELIEVERS!!!!!!! And that’s where I come in!!!!

Sound like you? Well it was definitely ME when I first stared this journey. And now I’m getting to live it and am enjoying EVERY. SINGLE. SECOND. of it!!!!!!!

So if you’re still on the fence, let me help get you onto my side! Send me an email,, message me on Facebook or shoot me a text at 253.905.7822 and lets get you started! If you’re already interested in purchasing your starter kit, just head on over to My Young Living page and get your kit ordered!!!!!

Love you all!!!

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