Let’s get real REAL for a minute

Alright guys. I’m about to be super vulnerable and super open here. Stepping WAY WAY WAY out of my comfort zone and getting real raw with you.

For about the last 3.5 years now I’ve been a plucker. If you don’t know what that is, it’s when you constantly pick and pluck something. Sometimes it’s the hair on your head, or your arm hair. Or, for myself, my eyelashes. I would sit and pull them and pluck them out ALL DAY. I did it with my makeup on and without my makeup. It was usually worse when I was stressed and I would pull on one side and then the other. But had to always go back and pull if I pulled too many on one side or too little. It’s been hard to live with. I would stop myself for a little while but never could stick with it. I even went to counseling for a while for it but still found myself doing it.

Now this is where I’m most uncomfortable in sharing. I also did that to my boys. And that broke my heart. But it was like I couldn’t control myself. I would see one imperfection and just try to get it and end up going overboard. The boys hated me. They would cry when I would look at them. They would yell and scream at me. But I couldn’t just STOP!

I tried eyelash extensions. Which I LOVED and it helped give me some confidence. But I couldn’t keep up on the maintenance with two young kids and I couldn’t help but pull on them when they would start to fall out. I was a mess. It killed any chance of happiness I had within myself. As silly as that sounds. I would see others with beautiful long full lashes and get so angry that I ruined my own that I would just pull again. It’s a viscous cycle that I just couldn’t brake.

I even have been on meds to try and control the anxiety I was feeling. And while yes it’s worked, it doesn’t last all day long and by night time I’m a mess. I would try so hard not to do it. I even started finally taking my makeup off at night so I would have clean lashes and those are harder to pull. And yes it worked, but then I would just go to my boys. And I couldn’t take it anymore.

I’ve been able to stop messing with my boys for a while now 🙌🏼 and thankfully have stopped messing with mine a fair amount. But the damage was done.

That is until I started looking for ways to boost my growth. To make my eyelashes stronger and fuller and longer. And when I started the research, I found so many products out there that in theory sounded amazing. But in reality, they caused a lot of side effects I wasn’t willing to live with. Then I remembered seeing one of my uplines talk about the growth serum they made using their essential oils. I won’t lie, it took a lot for me to buy into it and believe it could work. But I had been using lavender on my eyebrows for a while and noticed a huge change so I figured, let’s give it a shot! I finally purchased all I needed and just went for it! Applied twice a day and this is 2 weeks later!

No they aren’t super long or full yet. But I have lashes in spots I hadn’t had for months! They are stronger. They hold my mascara better. And honestly have given me a lot more confidence in them! I will say it’s working! And I will SEE even more results in another 2 weeks. And another. And another.

This has been hard to accept for a long time. But I also know there are others who deal with this. Silently. Like I did for a long time! But you don’t have to anymore and you CAN get those luscious beautiful lashes back the RIGHT WAY!!!!

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