Favorite Things

img_1503Just a little prelude to this: I DO NOT receive credit for any of these links…yet. That is in the process & will soon hopefully be an update to the blog. But for now, you can just see what some of my favorite things are. All the way from Personal Care to shoes & everything in between!


♥ Ashley

Enso Rings

You guys. These are LIFE. I have a wedding ring that doesn’t fit. Gets in the way of #momlife and honestly, I’m not sure where it is. My hubby hasn’t worn his ring in years either. Complains of it being in the way at work & just doesn’t love having it on. Well i convinced him we needed to give these a go. And we are HOOKED!!! They are so lightweight and you don’t notice it’s there. Plus inexpensive enough you can have tons! One for every day of the week. Something to match your outfits! Even stackables to maybe represent your kids together or something special! And they come in lots of colors and styles! If you’re like us and aren’t huge on having a ring on your finger that could be a hazard or just gets in the way, go grab yourself an Enso! You can thank me later.

The Happy Planner

This is one of my FAVORITE Planners. It’s completely customizable & very budget friendly. Plus you can purchase a lot of the items at Michaels & Hobby Lobby making it very convenient if your inpatient like me!

MAC Studio Fix


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff! In the winter time I am a NW25 & summer I am able to go to a NW30. It gives a great full coverage with a light feel. And if you have shiny skin, this really allows for you to have a nice matte finish. Plus, it stays on a good long time & lasts for months! You can get it at most Nordstrom‘s!



Lets be honest here. Who doesn’t love a nice pair of Chucks? I am a sucker for them! And white especially. Yes, they are a pain to keep clean…but…they look oh so good when they are!


I have to say, I do get credit from this link. But….SO DO YOU!!!! If you purchase from this link you will get $2.00 off your purchase. And I get $1.00 off. Pretty sweet deal right?! Wait….you’ve never heard of these things? Oh goodness. Well let me just tell you. They are amazing. As you can see they are a great little stand for your phone or tablet. But they also are great for holding your phone. And if you’re a Mom struggling to carry groceries, your kids, diaper bag, keys & phone like me, this is perfect for you!!! They are fully customizable too. Or if you’d rather just purchase an already designed popsocket, you can do that too with lots of fun options to choose from!


How many of you are like me and are ALWAYS losing your keys? Or your phone? Or wallet? Well these little babies save you from that moment of panic & frustration. So easy to use and very simple to locate! And if you lose your phone, just press your tile and it will call your phone! How awesome is that!?!

Anastasia Dip Brow

This is currently my go to for the brows. It’s tricky to learn but once you do, it’s amazing! And I recommend going in to have a color matched to your skin/hair rather than just picking a color on your own!

Better than Sex Mascara

I can’t even tell you how amazing this stuff is. The name says it all.

Yes they’re Real Mascara

And I can’t forget about my love for all things Benefit. This Mascara is life. Pair it with their They are real push up liner and you’re set!

Beauty Blender

And I’ll be honest, I knew nothing of these things intel my little, yes little (16) Sister told me about it. I bought a cheapo one and it did its job, but my son got ahold of it and wanted to try a bite so she gave me this one & oh LORD! A world of difference when applying foundation!

All-New Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote | Streaming Media Player


Not Your Mothers Shampoo Dry Clean Freak


I am notorious for NOT washing my hair but once maybe twice a week. This is my LIFESAVOR!!!! It doesn’t leave a residue & no white spots! I have dark hair naturally & this works wonderfully for me. I have tried others but always seem to go back to this bad boy!