Hello & Welcome. I am not much of an introduction kind of person so hopefully this isn't too boring. First I'll start off by saying I am Ashley. I am the owner of Sassy Mint Designs  & I am a Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils . I am also a Volunteer & Program Coordinator for my local Senior Center. I am a Wife. A Mom. A Daughter. A Sister. An Aunt. A Friend. And so so so much more. I live a life of straight chaos and lots of COFFEE

I have been married to my best friend for 12+ years & together we have 2 beautiful little boys. We have been through a lot together including 3 Military Deployments, 4 moves across the country including up to Alaska, infertility issues, deaths, fights & makeups. But as much as all of those things could have torn us apart, we managed to come out together & stronger than ever.

I am a Pacific North West grown girl. I love home. I have lived in plenty of other places to know that my heart and soul belong to the PNW. My Husband is a Minnesota native & somehow I have managed to show him the same love for the PNW as I have.

We currently live with my Mom while working to find our forever home. It hasn't exactly been the most amazing experience, but right now it's what's best for us. Plus we get to live on enough land and far enough away from civilization that we have been able to add 9 chickens to our clan! They are the perfect addition and I can't wait for more.

Our oldest son is Brayden, he is currently 4 & an old soul. He has an amazing imagination & is very smart. Sometimes too smart for us! Nothing gets past him & reverse psychology DOES NOT work! Our youngest is Logan. He is 2 & has started proving to us he will not be our easy child like originally thought. But he definitely knows how to win us over with his sweet loving smile & sensitive eyes.

This is my story. For now. I am excited to start this adventure with you & hope you will come back for more!


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